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Greetings from Pastor Terry H. Simpson

Maple Grove Baptist Church in Weddington N.C.


 I appreciate you taking the time to view our Church's web page.  As I tell all visitors to our Church, please do ask questions.  We've nothing to hide but much to share.



   Jesus gloriously saved me in 1976, and I've been the pastor of Maple Grove Baptist Church since 1995. I am happily married and have a beautiful daughter. God has blessed our home and held our hand as we walked through the years, we thank Him for His Grace and Mercy upon our lives!


   It has been my desire to pastor a church that is truly in love with the Saviour, the Saint and the Sinner.  God is granting that desire at Maple Grove Baptist Church; I do not take that for granted, I thank God that the members of Maple Grove Baptist who give us liberty in the pulpit, and are a listening and practicing congregation.  Are we a perfect Church?  No!  But are we growing closer to the Saviour?  Yes!  We laugh, cry and worship together.  We bear one another's burdens and rejoice when prayers are answered.


   We are a family! I believe that the pastor should be a friendly face at the door of folks homes. So many “church goers” today think the pastor should only be around when someone is hatched (born), matched (married), patched (sick) or dispatched (buried).  Happy is the pastor who loves and is loved by the congregation God has called him to serve.  My desire is to see God work in this community through this congregation.


   If you do not have a home church, if your desire is to know God's will through God's word, if you desire the fellowship of like minded Christians, if you desire that your children be brought up under sound doctrine, then this is your Church.  


   Please do come and visit with us soon!


   Pastor Terry H. Simpson